When it comes to the Canadian housing market, insight offers a powerful edge. Understanding what homebuyers in Canada want, think, expect and do is essential, and it’s a constantly moving target. Times change. Conditions evolve. Markets ebb and flow. Staying on top of relevant trends – and even ahead of them – is challenging.

That’s where research comes in. The leaders at RE/MAX, LLC see great value in reaching out to consumers, brokers, agents and industry experts on a regular basis. It’s the best way to see what’s really going on in the business right now – and to build a clearer, more informed sense of what’s ahead. The insights uncovered in the exercise help real estate professionals deliver a better customer experience, and when that happens on a wide scale, it lifts the entire industry. In that spirit, we present the 2023 Future of Real Estate Report, a comprehensive, current analysis of consumer tendencies and professional strategies around buying, selling or owning a home.

Increasingly, those engaging in the Canadian housing market want amenities, conveniences and infrastructure close to home. Here’s how this trend is playing out.

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