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Ontario Real Estate and COVID-19: New Rules In Effect

For those transacting in the Ontario real estate market right now, you may be wondering what’s allowed and more importantly, what’s not allowed, under the new “stay-at-home” order that took effect this morning. To help clarify things from a real…

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Tips to Enhance Your Curb Appeal This Winter 

Every homeowner’s dream is to conceal the grey and lifeless winter landscape and transform their property into a scene out of a Hallmark Christmas card; a warm and inviting abode that combines chic with cozy charm! Well, take it from…

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Top Canadian Real Estate News Stories of 2020

Canadian real estate surprised everyone in 2020. While the markets closed the year with red-hot, record-breaking activity, the year brought much uncertainty, financial upheaval, renewed forecasts of a bursting housing bubble, and other news that will likely continue to impact…

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